Fire Equipment Inspection

Worker inspecting fire equipmentOur comprehensive approach to all your fire equipment offers everything from basic inspection and testing to complete service programs that can include full coverage of:

  • Fire alarm control panel components
  • Stocking/Replacement parts
  • Emergency service calls 24/7/365

We perform inspections as required by insurance underwriters, Authorities Having Jurisdiction, and the National Fire Protection Association—including quarterly, semi-annual, annual, and five-year.

With every inspection, you get a detailed report outlining all items requiring maintenance, repairs, and/or replacement.

Benefits of completing our inspection agreement include:

  • Priority emergency service response
  • 10% discount on our current-year hourly rates
  • 10% discount on materials purchased for repairs on all systems covered in your agreement, as well as all emergency service while your agreement is in effect

To learn more about our full-service inspection services, contact us today.

Inspections Requirements